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Frequently Asked Questions


These are questions that were asked by some folks interested in the project. Do you have a question? Feel free to ask!


1. Is this an individual project or are students able to work collaboratively in pairs or small groups?


I prefer individual work, simply because this is designed to be a profundly personal experience and kids do not share quite as much if they work in groups. They get self-conscious. That being said, group work will be accepted and it is the choice of the school/class/teacher.


2. Just to confirm - is the topic 'Life in our area/ town/ region'? Are we able to decide how small or broad the region can be?


The design is for life where you are. I've officially titled it Life 'round here. So if NZ  politics affect your local life, absolutely include it. I would stray from distant things that don't really affect your day to day life. An example would be not including the sydney opera house if I lived in the bush and had not visited it regularly. That's probably a terrible example but it's the best I can come up with off the top of my head.

3. We know that you would like those using Photostory to use the canned music but we are a class of able musicians (many od symphonic band members) and were wondering if we are able to compose our own music?


Absolutely! So much so that you'll seriously raise the bar for music.


4. Is this a competition or just a sharing project?


This is a competition.


5. Is there any criteria for the selection of the six best from each class?


I will develop (collaboratively) a set of somewhat objective criteria to be used by the school/class/teacher in judging the six best to be posted on the participant's page.


If you have any problems, questions, comments or concerns, first read the FAQ list (that's this),

then please feel free to contact me using either the comments link above or my contact form.



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